Hello! I'm Justine, a fantasy, fashion and character illustrator based in the UK.

Through my work I emphasise the sense of magic and atmosphere a great character (and costume) can create.

My illustrations are inspired by a mixture of heroes, heroines and monsters from fairytales combined with the struggles and triumphs of our contemporary lives.

The outlines of my work are created with bold pencil lines or dip-pen inks and combined with delicate watercolour washes and bright gouache to create textured, familiar-feeling illustrations.

I grew up in Milton Keynes and graduated in 2010 with a 1st in Animation and Illustration at Coventry University. I have recently returned from living in Japan and currently reside in Norwich where I am mostly painting, and sometimes tutoring Japanese and 2D animation. I also read a lot of children's books, graphic novels and classics.

This photo was taken in Ipswich on a find-the-pig day!